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Would you like to make your own SFTD Chain CD? Well, you can. Just click the Chain CD icon right here:

Well, Yellow Cat, a Chain CD is a four song EP. We send them out in piles of three or four to people and we request that they pass on the extras to friends. They arrive in a converted AOL tin with a note that says the following:

Spring 2003
Every record label, radio station, and magazine in the world is owned by one guy. We don’t know this guy and we don’t particularly want to meet him. So, rather than waste time sending our music to this guy, we are eliminating the middleman and giving it directly to you.

Enclosed are a number of CDs. Please keep one for yourself and pass the others on to someone who might appreciate it. We encourage you to make copies or MP3s.


We implore you not to just throw these disks away or store them in your attic. If you don’t want it, please at least leave this tin lying in a café or on top of a mailbox or somewhere where someone might pick it up.

This is a Chain CD of four songs by a band called School for the Dead. We just want people to hear us.

For more information, extra bonus fun, and to see who else has these disks, memorize your secret code word and visit

Thank you, we hope you enjoy the four songs,

Your pals,
the boys in School for the Dead.

Does that make sense, Yellow Cat? Do you want to find out more? Ask here:
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