* What's Your Secret Code Word?
* What's Your Name?
* Where do you live?
* Email?
How'd you get your Chain CD?
You sent it to me.
A friend gave it to me. Who?
I found it. Where?
I bought one at a show. Where?
Did you give a Chain CD to anyone?
Yes. No.
If so, who?
What did you think of the songs?
Had you heard of School for the Dead before?
Yes. No.
Have you read the Living Rockumentary?
Yes. No.
Do you post to Your Own Private Rockumentary?
Yes. No.
Do you have any advice or suggestions or questions for us?
Would you like us to send someone that you know some Chain CDs? If so, give us their address and name and tell us why they would want them.
What are five albums that you like?