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Here are three from Henning's solo album:
School for the Dead:

1,000 Times
Soup of the Moment
Jive Drivin'
Here are the songs on the Chain CD
Everybody Loves Martha
One Lady Dancing
The Woodmont is a secret place that comes alive in the wee hours of the morning. After the bars have closed and the bands have packed up, people find themselves sitting around this famous table with various musical instruments in their hands. Bruce Tull heads the table sitting at his pedal steel guitar and his mesmerizing tones create a soundscape background, blurring conversation into song and back again. On this particular night Zeke Fiddler had his hi-tech camera with him and created this moody candlelit film. As I began to play, Bruce chimed in, Steve Desaulnier picked up his bass, and Kevin O'Rourke grabbed a guitar. Meanwhile, Reno, the dog, strolled around the table from person to person, saying hello to Donal Rooke, Kelly LaMay, Dan Goepp, and Lesa Bezo. Enjoy.
1,000 Times at the Woodmont - Quicktime Movie.
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