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October 15 , 2005 - Dartmouth College - Hanover, NH - Henning Solo with: Lesa Bezo

Henning says: Alas, I have once again waited until the memories of a gig have become blurred by time. But it's fitting in a way, because the blurring of time is what Lesa Bezo and I did as we travelled the road less travelled up into Vermont. We blurred.

The autumn hit us late this year. The leaves which should have been a-blaze with stunning colors were instead festering in green-yellow shame. The hills which were bruised by this unseasonal stain of a color were putting on their own show however, as tiny low wisps of clouds swirled and danced around the tops of northern pines.

The town of Hanover arrived much quicker than we had expected and we crammed the Black Dog into a crooked parking spot on a side street of this one street village. It was chilly up north and a bit rainy and we strolled with our heads down up one side of Main Street and back on the other. Most of the stores (like The Gap - what was a Gap doing in this otherwise historic and independent looking district?) were closed for the night. We couldn't quite figure out where all the people, beneath their top-of-the-line umbrellas, were heading, or coming from.

We did pop into the Dartmouth Bookstore, which lead to me purchasing a copy of Weird New England. I bought it mostly because my interest was peaked by the page about Andover, Massachusett's mysterious ancient Turtle Mound. I felt that I had explored every inch of Andover and should have by rights known of such a place. Must have been some kind of weird karma working anyway, as when the book was wrung up it turned out to be much less expensive than the price stamped on it.

We'd killed enough time and went back to the car to search for a parking spot close to the venue. It didn't work. We didn't find one. But we found one not too too too far away and picked up our guitars and stuff just as the cold rain picked itself up.

We found the basement venue, a late-night eatery for the students and sat down and studied the menu as the act before us was setting up. They were pretty funny. Just a couple students casually faking their way through some made-up songs, one on vocals and sax, the other on jazz guitar.

We ate some yummy free food and set about making our way through our two sets to a small crowd of mostly uninterested students who were: eating, talking, playing board games, and studying. Still, it was pretty fun (and came with a nice paycheck). I berated a table of kids for not yelling "Jenga" when their precarious tower collapsed. Next time around, they complied with glee.

Hey, someone's gotta teach these Ivy leaguers something!





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